About Us

Manufacturing and Retail 

We all want to feel warm and comfortable. For all ages, the huge family of fur goods like fur hats, mittens, fur mukluks, gauntlets, fur mitts and much more, protect from the cold and bring us an incredibly friendly feeling. 

Ingredients of making excellent fur goods are: selected first-rate furs and smart lasting styling, which are put together by the workmanship of an expert fur tailor. 

You should enjoy the power of 50 years experience of making high quality fur goods at Shekhman Furs. Here our experienced fur designers create smart long-lasting styles. Than we personally select our fine furs and here with you in mind we diligently craft our fur goods. 

Of course, you could visit Shekhman Furs factory-store at the Forks Market, Winnipeg, Canada or you could save yourself a trip and order through this Internet site. 

Our Retail Shop is located on the second floor of the Forks Market in Winnipeg, Canada. We are opened every day from 10:00AM to 7:00PM. Welcome to our store!

We are offering our clients the best styles of the fur products and wide variety of mukluks, mittens and accessories. Welcome to our store! Our people will take care of you in the best service!!!