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All Prices in Canadian Funds                        

Jewelry Turtles
Each of these jewelry turtles is as a tiny box. All of them have been hand-made by a skilled Russian artisan.
Available type
Jewelry Turtle CAD $100 SJB001
Jewelry Turtle CAD $100 SJB002
Jewelry Turtle CAD $100 SJB003
Jewelry Turtle CAD $100 SJB004


Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Wide veriety of Easter Eggs.
Available type
Set of 3 (7cm X 4.5cm) CAD $20 MIE001
Hand-Painted Lacquered Egg with Flowers on Stand (12cm X 6cm) CAD $30 MIE002
Hand-Painted Lacquered Egg with Church on Stand (12cm X 6cm) CAD $32 MIE003


Hen with 5 Eggs on Stand
Hen at work with five eggs on stand.
Available type
Small Sized Hen (20cm X 10cm) CAD $35 MIH001
Big Sized Hen (23cm X 12.5cm) CAD $40 MIH002

Ukrainian Wood Carving Carpathia
West Ukrainian Gifts.
Available type
Bulava weapon XIII century (50cm X 14cm) CAD $120 MIW001
Smoking Pipe (41cm X 8cm X 5.5cm) CAD $40 MIW002
Box with Trident (Trezub) (15cm X 6.7cm) CAD $60 MIW003

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