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Shade Beaver Lined Ladies Mitts with customized fur trim
It does matter what covers your hands in cold weather - be good to them with these soft shade beaver lining.
Available trims
Rabbit, Black Deerskin CAD $170 HWL003
Rabbit, Brown Deerskin CAD $170 HWL004
Rabbit, Black Suede CAD $160 HWL005
Rabbit, Brown Suede CAD $160 HWL006
Red Fox CAD $180 HWL007
Arctic Fox CAD $180 HWL008
Blue Fox CAD $180 HWL009
Black Fox CAD $180 HWL010
Silver Fox CAD $170 HWL011
Brown Beaver CAD $165 HWL012
Black Beaver CAD $170 HWL013
Black Raccoon CAD $165 HWL014
Raccoon CAD $165 HWL015
Moosehide Gauntlets with Sherling Lining
You will not find a warmer, cozier pair of gauntlets! Genuine moosehide palms. Genuine sheepskin shearling lined. Genuine fur trim on back! Gorgeous!!!
Available size: S, M, L, XL.
Available furs
Red Fox CAD $400 HWG001
Coyote CAD $390 HWG002
Raccoon CAD $340 HWG003
Beaver CAD $360 HWG004


Deersuede Ladies Mitts
Deersuede with rabbit fur trim. Warm fleece lining.
Available size: S, M, L, XL.
Available colors
Black CAD $60 HWD001
Brown CAD $60 HWD002
Burgundy CAD $60 HWD003
Tan CAD $60 HWD004
Blue CAD $60 HWD005
Electric CAD $60 HWD006
Green CAD $60 HWD007
Gold CAD $60 HWD008
Red CAD $60 HWD009
Gray CAD $60 HWD010


Deerskin Leather Ladies Mitts
Deerskin leather with rabbit fur trim. Warm smooth fleece lining. Keep your hands warm and cozy. You will never get frost-bitten.
Available size: S, M, L, XL.
Available colors
Black CAD $70 HWL001
Brown CAD $70 HWL002

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