Fur Accessories

All Prices in Canadian Funds                        


Perfect for skiing, snowmobiles or just an added eye catcher. Adjustable. One size fits all.

Available furs
Black Fox CAD $400 ACH001
Blue Fox CAD $420 ACH002
Silver Fox CAD $420 ACH003
Red Fox CAD $190 ACH004
Arctic Fox CAD $240 ACH005
Raccoon CAD $170 ACH006
Coyote CAD $190 ACH008
Beaver CAD $120 ACH009
Black Beaver CAD $140 ACH010
Black Mink CAD $470 ACH011
Brown Mink CAD $450 ACH012


Lightweight, warm and comfortable ear-muffs made of natural fur. Great ear protection and style! Adjustable. One size fits all.

Available furs
Arctic Fox CAD $50 ACE001
Silver Fox CAD $50 ACE002
Blue Fox CAD $50 ACE003
Red Fox CAD $50 ACE004
Black Fox CAD $55 ACE005
Black Raccoon CAD $45 ACE006
Raccoon CAD $40 ACE007
Black Sheepskin CAD $35 ACE008
Dark Brown Sheepskin CAD $35 ACE009
Brown Beaver CAD $40 ACE010
Black Beaver CAD $40 ACE011


Elegant appearance, warm and comfortable.

Available furs
Black Fox CAD $420 ACS001
Blue Fox CAD $420 ACS002
Silver Fox CAD $420 ACS003
Red Fox CAD $260 ACS004
Arctic Fox CAD $450 ACS005
Raccoon CAD $280 ACS006
Coyote CAD $340 ACS007
Parka Fur Strips (Hood Ruffs)
Ideal for hoods, cuffs and hems on parkas. Strips are approximately 27" long. Our strips are complete with cloth tape (material) on both sides and are ready to be sewn on. If you need longer strips or have a custom order, we will do this for our customers.

Available furs
Black Fox CAD $290 ACP001
Blue Fox CAD $290 ACP002
Silver Fox CAD $290 ACP003
Red Fox CAD $200 ACP004
Arctic Fox CAD $290 ACP005
Raccoon CAD $160 ACP006
Black Raccoon CAD $190 ACP007

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