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Nesting Doll (Matreshka)

All Prices in Canadian Funds                        


5p. sets. Size 6 1/2" to 7"
Available type
Winnie the Pooh CAD $45 NDF001
Spiderman CAD $45 NDF002
Beatles CAD $60 NDF003


Harry Potter CAD $60 NDF004
Winter Joy CAD $50 NDF005
Summer Joy CAD $50 NDF006

7p. sets. Size 8"
Available type
Russian Cathedrals CAD $70 NDS001
Winter CAD $70 NDS002
Flowers CAD $68 NDS003


10p. midsize sets. Size 5 1/2"
Available type
Winter Joy CAD $75 NDM001
Autumn CAD $65 NDM002
Winter CAD $65 NDM003


10p. sets. Size 9 1/2" to 10"
Available type
Romanov family CAD $300 NDT001
Romanov dynasty CAD $300 NDT002
Russian Presidents CAD $140 NDT003


Winter CAD $120 NDT004
Autumn CAD $115 NDT005

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